ONE-DAY SPECIAL: Get 25% off All Biodegradeable Urns

ONE-DAY SPECIAL: Get 25% off All Biodegradeable Urns


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Biodegradable cremation urns are growing in popularity as more and more people become increasingly environmentally conscious and wish to reduce their impact on the earth and nourish it instead. All biodegradable urns are made of eco-friendly materials without chemical processes so they won’t contaminate the earth. They are designed to degrade completely in about a year or less depending on the material they’re made of and the climate and soil conditions and leave no trace behind. Biodegradable urns can also be a very cost effective option for families on a limited budget.

Biodegradable urns are an appropriate option whether you are planning a cemetery burial, a burial at sea or anything in between. They are also a good option if you plan to scatter the ashes and don’t plan to keep the urn. Once the scattering is complete, the biodegradable urn can be recycled, composted or buried in order to breakdown on its on. They are also good for traveling as most biodegradable urns will easily pass TSA airport screenings and they are lightweight and easy to carry.

All biodegradable urns are made of all natural materials such as paper, cornstarch, salt or bark but there are several distinct types of urns to consider if a biodegradable urn is the right choice for you and your loved one.

Shell Collection : These beautifully painted biodegradable urns are most appropriate for a sea burial but can be buried in the earth as well. They are designed to float for a short time on the waters surface while a memorial service is performed before sinking slowly under water. Sand and Gelatin urns are similarly designed with small holes in the bottom to slowly allow water to enter and sink the urn. They will degrade and dissolve over time at the bottom of the ocean. These are the perfect choice for anyone who loved to be on the water or beach. Perhaps having a ceremony at a favorite vacation spot is the best way to memorialize the deceased and provide a touching sendoff in a water burial.

Unity Urns : Our Unity collection of urns are made from mulberry tree bark. Mulberry trees shed their bark naturally as they grow. This means the trees are not harmed in any way to make these urns. They are beautifully made with inlayed flower petals or hand painted with natural ingredients and an elegant way to pay tribute to your loved one.


EterniTrees Keepsake Urns : These urns are a unique way to honor the life of your loved one and allow new life to grow. The cremains are placed in the urn and buried. Soon a tree grows from the urn and the roots envelop the ashes creating a beautiful living memorial for years to come. There are many tree varieties available for various climate conditions and personal preference. These urns come with a tin container to keep memorabilia such as jewelry or photos of your loved one.

Simplicity Urns : These simple box-shaped urns are handmade from paper and beautifully decorated with natural materials. These urns are good choices for a burial ceremony or scattering ceremony.

Sand and Gelatin Urns : offers a collection of sand and gelatin urns that can provide a touching memorial and ash holder for your departed loved one. These eco-friendly urns are attractive, hand-painted by skilled artisans. Choosing among biodegradable urns may hold a special place in your heart or in the hearts of your family.

Cornstarch Biodegradable Urns : Cornstarch urns are beautifully crafted and eco-friendly. They have the look of a more traditional urn but won’t impact the environment. These urns will only break down if they are buried so they can also be used for display. In addition to the designs offered, you have the option to add text engraving to personalize these urns.

Salt Urns : Our salt urns are handmade from blocks of Himalayan Rock Salt so each one is unique in its coloring and finish. They come with a biodegradable bag and tie for remains to be placed in the urn. These urns will dissolve within about 4 hours in water. This is another good option for ground or sea burial.

Scattering Tubes : Scattering tubes are a unique version of a temporary, biodegradable urn. They are designed specifically to simplify the scattering process. They are manufactured with an easily removable lid and push-in tab for ease of scattering. The tubes are available with a variety of designs to reflect the life and personality of your loved one as well as tubes you can personalize yourself. The tubes can be kept as a keepsake or recycled, composted or buried after the ceremony. These tubes are a good option if you need to travel with the cremains or for a scattering ceremony so a number of people can participate and each scatter a portion of ashes.

If a “green” burial is your choice or the last wishes of your loved one then biodegradable urns can make this process easier. There are many choices even within this niche so take your time to select the right option to pay tribute and offer peace of mind that you’re doing good for the environment. If your loved one had a deep love and appreciation for nature, a biodegradable urn can be the most appropriate choice so the deceased can transition back to the earth they loved in a respectful and natural way.

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