Funeral Planning: Hiring a Top Los Angeles Funeral Musician

Funeral Planning: Hiring a Top Los Angeles Funeral Musician

Funeral Planning: Hiring a Top Los Angeles Funeral MusicianDear Friends,

Most funeral services have some sort of musical component and can range from elaborate jazz funerals in the grand New Orleans tradition to classical piano players. Music doesn’t have to be religious in nature. There are no “rules” for the type of music you can use. The music you choose can convey the personality of the deceased in a unique way. It can set the tone and mood for a service that allows friends and family to grieve, celebrate and memorialize their loved one.

Planning a funeral service can be overwhelming with many difficult decisions to be made. Below is a list of our top recommended funeral musicians to consider when planning a funeral.

Planning a funeral service can be overwhelming with many difficult decisions to be made. Below is a list of our top recommended funeral musicians to consider when planning a funeral.

Funeral Singer / Vocalist:  A live singer can add elegance and a personal touch to any service.

Stephanie Wright is a Los Angeles-based vocalist with experience in a variety of genres and services. She performs musical selections in a number of languages including Italian, French, German and Spanish. She has an extensive song list but is also open to special requests. Her background allows her to learn new music quickly and assist you with choosing selections.

funeral musician in los angelesPiano Player for funeral:  Piano music is a common selection for all types of funeral and cremation services. A pianist can provide music from a large variety of genres including liturgical, classical and contemporary.

Holly Addy has provided organ/piano and vocal services in the Los Angeles area since 1990. She has an extensive repertoire and can provide families with a guide to planning funeral music. She provides the perfect background music for any denomination, including full Catholic Masses in English, Spanish or Latin. Holly also has a portable keyboard and sound system available if a venue is not equipped with instruments.

funeral musician in los angeles

Funeral Planning: Hiring a Top Los Angeles Funeral MusicianHarpist for a funeral:  The harp is an elegant musical instrument that adds an uplifting atmosphere to any service.

Los Angeles-based Katrina Soroyan has been playing the harp for 15 years as well as other instruments such as the accordion. Katrina also sings in several languages and can provide duos for events. She is skilled in providing musical selections for all denominations as well as secular services and she will gladly accommodate all requests.

funeral musician in los angeles

Cellist For A funeral:  The cello is typically thought of as part of an orchestra but it can provide beautiful background music all on its own. It is a classic instrument that can create everything from chamber music to contemporary rock.

Michelle is a classically trained cellist based in Los Angeles and has been playing for over a decade. She plays all types of music and her library includes hundreds of selections built by client requests. She will work with other musicians to provide a string duo, trio or quartet. No matter what genre of music you choose for the service, Michelle can create a memorable atmosphere to help friends and family through this difficult time.

funeral musician in los angeles

Violinist for a funeral:  The violin is a graceful addition to a service that provides a feeling of peace and harmony in a difficult time. Like so many other instruments, the violin can provide classical or contemporary music.

Dalila Bianco is based in Los Angeles and plays electric and acoustic violin. She also plays as part of the guitar and violin duo Hudson & Delilah. Dalila has been playing violin for many years and is accomplished in contemporary, classic and original arrangements. She has a lengthy song list that is continuously being updated and she also takes requests.

funeral musician in los angeles

Small String Quartet for a funeral:  A string quartet adds beautiful ambience to any service. The number of musicians you choose can be anywhere from a soloist to 4 or 5 string musicians depending on the atmosphere you want to create.

Angelica Strings is a group of professional musicians who have performed at over 1000 events in the Los Angeles area. They have an enormous library of music ranging from classic to contemporary to suit your needs. There is also an option to add additional instruments such as a flute or trumpet. Angelica Strings can help guide you and recommend selections if you are not familiar with classical music and will be happy to make all the selections for you to help in this difficult time.

funeral musician in los angelesFuneral Planning: Hiring a Top Los Angeles Funeral Musician

Flutist for a funeral:  A flute is a unique way to add a light, airy atmosphere to your service. It can be the perfect choice for subtle background music.

Jim Walker is an accomplished flutist with a decades-long resume. His performances include classical, conservatory, orchestral, jazz, pop, tv and film. Jim is a versatile and experienced musician that can help you plan a beautiful service.funeral musician in los angeles

Bagpipes for a funeral:  Bagpipes are a unique way to honor your loved one and their heritage or interests. The bagpipe provides a rich, powerful sound like no other instrument and is the perfect way to create a memorable service.

Stephen is a Los Angeles based professional bagpiper and has been playing the bagpipe for over 20 years. He takes pride in his professionalism and will handle all the details of planning the music for your service. He comes to all his events in full Highland gear, including a kilt, jacket and accessories. His knowledge of a large variety of musical selections allows him to take specific requests or provide selections for you if you are unsure about what you want or what might be appropriate.

funeral musician in los angeles

Bugle player for a funeral:  The bugle is the most common choice at a military service to provide an honorable goodbye for the deceased.

Chris Tedesco is a Los Angeles-based trumpet player with over 28 years of experience. He has an extensive credits list and is equally skilled in classical, orchestral, jazz or chamber music. If your loved one has a military background, allow Chris to help you honor them in a classic way.

funeral musician in los angeles

Music is a time-honored way of celebrating your loved one during a funeral or cremation service.   We hope this guide makes the musician selection process easier for you.

During this difficult time, we understand that it can be painful to make decisions regarding your loved one’s transition.  Be sure to check out our blog section, which offers information about planning funeral services, end of life planning and more.

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